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If a person posts their body online, you’ve got two options. Admire that shit, or keep it moving. It’s really not that hard of a concept. If you don’t like it, congrats on havin different taste. If you do, cool. If you’re into it, cool. If you’re creeping or hating, calm that shit down. You’re doin too much.

it’s. that. simple.

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Okay, but do you guys realize that while Sasuke and Naruto have the incarnations of powerful people inside of them that gives them special powers,

Sakura doesn’t.

Sakura, who is keeping up with them and keeping them alive and keeping them going and refusing to let them break, is merely a 16 year old kunoichi who refused to fall behind.

Sakura Haruno, who doesn’t need special spirits and fate and destiny to be all that she can be.

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the hunger games aren’t amazingly unique or flawless or anything but I think katniss as a character is very important and i think the media misunderstands

we aren’t in it for the cute boys. we’re in it for katniss. thousands of young girls were introduced to an introverted, angry girl born into poverty and watched her become the savior of the world and the media doesn’t seem to understand that she, as a character, is important to girls. not who she dates, but her

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Tumblr needs a real blocking option.

Something that prevents people from seeing your blog and from following you.

Because right now the ignore function is like sticking your head in the sand while they can still stare at your butt.

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